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Smiley🙂Vibes Candle

Smiley🙂Vibes Candle

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✨Made with Soy Wax and Locally sourced Beeswax! Did you know we don’t use any artificial colorants in our candles? 

✨Remember, sometimes you may see sediment from the beeswax and our natural dye. We filter it a few times to get the bulk out, but sometimes you will see that natural sediment comes through.✌️🌿

How do I dye these candles naturally you might ask? ⁣

Blue🦋Indigo ⁣& Charcoal
Yellow 🌼Turmeric⁣
Pink💗Beet Root & Alkanet Powder ⁣

*Colors may vary as these are dyed with natural elements

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