About Us

Navire /na.viʁ/ means ship or vessel in French. We believe that we are all temporary vessels here on this earth, so why not take care of it and have a little fun?

Treat your body, mind, and soul. Decorate your body with our handmade jewelry that inspires wanderlust, calm your mind with the light of our candles, and treat your soul with our Botanical Skincare.

Be Excellent To Your Skin and Each Other ✌️

Hi, hello 👋

Your friendly backyard Herbalist here! Just a little bit about me...I was born in Verona, Italy to a Haitian mom and a Swiss dad. I grew up in Florida & New York then moved to Hawaii (met my fiance on the beach) and now I find myself in Utah. Long story short, Mountains & Mother Nature all the way for me!🤘

Fun Facts

I love the outdoors and riding my bike! 🚲🌿I would love to explore the backroads of this country on my bike one day. One time I lived out of my car for two months exploring the USA while moving from Hawaii to Utah. Since then, I have driven across the country 4 times!


Why did I start Navire Apothecary?

Being diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 11, I had to cut things out that were not healthy at a young age. At that age, I had no idea what "living a healthy life-style" meant! Now that I'm older, I realize how important using all natural soaps, skincare, and even candles with little to no scent is. Of course getting some sleep and eating right are a big part of this as well! You will always hear me say this..."Remember to drink some water!"💦