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Be Excellent Sticker

Be Excellent Sticker

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🌟 Shop with Purpose: Make a Difference this Season! 🌟

Join us this Black Friday and Small Business Saturday to fight food insecurity! With every purchase of this sticker, your total $3 contribution goes directly towards combating hunger in our communities.

Your support doesn’t just bolster the local economy; it also addresses a critical issue—hunger. Through the end of the year, we're committed to donating 10% of all sales to U.S. Hunger, our nonprofit partner.

U.S. Hunger is dedicated to addressing food insecurity, as 1 in 10 households grapple with this challenge. Their mission, "Feeding Families Today And Uniting Them To A Healthier Tomorrow," involves understanding the root causes of hunger and taking proactive steps to alleviate this issue.

Let’s shop purposefully and make a meaningful impact together!

Learn more about U.S. Hunger 

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